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Bringing Your Business Plan to Life

WordPress Sites & Landing Pages

Your company's digital business card.

Allow us to construct for you a simple landing page or site to communicate your company's vision, offered services and contact information. We will host your site, maintain it, and update its functionality and security monthly. 

Get Online: Single Landing Pages

A simple statement of what you do and how get in contact with you. To see an example, visit CleanCarByCharlie.com.

Make a Statement: 3 to 4 Page Sites

A more developed site that provides you an opportunity to showcase your products or services. See an example.

Be Found: Full Sites with Blogging 

a fully developed website detailing your full range of services, complete with a Blog page for SEO expansion. See an example.

Integrated Site & Business Applications

The future of business efficiency.

Allow us to open up an entire new world to you. a platform in which you will be able to host on, or off your site, on desktop or mobile a cloud-based or self-hosted assortment of applications from accounting and inventory to helpdesk.

Market More Effectively

Imagine being able to reach out to every site visitor, add them to your database and share updates by email or SMS alerts. 

Add Endless Features 

Your ability to utilize your site and your applications is only limited by your imagination. If you can name it, we can build it. 

Grow Your Sales & Operations

Imagine this: your site builds your contact list, from it Sales creates a CRM Pipeline while Operations uses apps to manage inventory, service and projects. 


Let us first speak to the advantages of having your site constructed - be it a simple landing page or a fully integrated site with applications (like online appointment booking, e-commerce, e-learning, helpdesk features, viewer forums, and instantaneous live-chatting with prospects).  First, everything become scalable. What does this mean? 

A site becomes 'scalable' when it can begin as a single page but have the underpinning to seamlessly add a blog (to increase search engine awareness) or a store (on which to sell products or service and collect immediate payment), or an e-learning center or helpdesk from which to run your training or service divisions. When we begin a site, we are looking for the end from the beginning. Now there is a bold statement!

The cost for these sites is really dependent to a degree on how ready you are to share a well-thought-out business plan. Can you describe where you are now and where exactly you want to go? Do you have good quality digital images? Do you have a logo, a tagline, a mission statement, list of services or products you want to promote? The better you are prepared, the more money you will save. Now, some of these verbal statements - your tagline, mission statement, product or service descriptions will need to be compared with industry keywords, but this will only happen should you wish to be prepared to eventually 'scale-up' your operation to include Search Engine Optimization. In short: 

  • A quick landing page, with marketing statements, images, list of services and contact form can cost as little as $495.00. 
  • A 3-4 page site can be produced for $995.00- $1295.00.
  • A full site with blogs or geographic landing pages (basically introductory pages with town-specific keywords embedded) for still under $1995.00. 

When speaking of our Integrated site with applications, the application subscriptions are 'per user' and the site construction and integration is produced at a rate of $65.00 per hour. Whereas the possibilities are so limitless, we can only provide: 

  • A 'not to exceed' estimate based upon the scope of work, and
  • A commitment to get everything running and humming to your absolute satisfaction. 

WordPress is an 'open source' platform where themes, builders and plugins (the bits and pieces of a website) are all independently produced and must be monitored for smooth integration and malicious attack protection. This can be done manually or with a device we use to monitor all sites for performance. This, like the cost for hardware hosting, costs us, as a firm, many thousands of dollars per year. This cost is divided among our clients but what it comes down to is this...

If you have a WordPress site with us, we charge you $89.00 per site, per quarter for hosting, web security and theme/builder/plugin maintenance. Minor updates to your site (up to 2 hour/year) are included with this price. 

If you use our Integrated site-application subscription program, which is paid either monthly or annually to our hosting partner, then all of this is included. The price for this subscription is per user/per month, and we can discuss this further during a discovery discussion. 

How do we get started on a new project?

As was mentioned above. Spend some time thinking through exactly what you want to do with your site. Find some competitor's sites you really like, pull together images of your team, your logo, any existing sales material, and when you have what you want to accomplish clear in your mind, we can have a no-obligation consultation over the phone or an online video conference. 

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