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No one takes on the risk of business ownership without intention to succeed.  It is well counted as foolishness to enter into business without a plan, a road map and a means of getting you from point A to point B.

Since 2015, the business of Pilgrim Consulting is business - your business. We aim to see it thrive, not just succeed, and definitely not just exist.  You provide the right people with the drive to contribute to your team and we will bring our skills to bear upon how your products, services and offerings are presented, managed and measured. 

Pilgrim Consulting Established

After many years in business, capped with 10 years working for a multinational manufacturing and distribution company, at the end of 2015, Michael returns to self-employment and establishes a business consulting firm. 

Begins a 5-Year Reinvention Project

Perma, Inc a company with a long history of superior chemical formulations, but a product presentation changed little since the 1980's, hires Pilgrim Consulting to recreate its brands, labeling, literature, website and offering. The project is completed in 4 years. 

Pilgrim Expands Product Application & Design Services - The word gets out.

As demand for packaging and presentation services grow, so does the team. Pedro Zuluaga joins the team having already had a marvelous career as a graphics designer in his native country of Colombia. With this, the name of the company is changed to Pilgrim Consulting & Design.  Pedro is a master Adobe craftsman with a phenomenal eye to stacking patterns & images. 

Organic Search Support Services Added to Our Offering

Having now constructed between 50-70 websites for clients who now want their sites' potential for exposure maximized, and having been disappointed with outside contractors, SEO support services are added to our offering with the inclusion of the brilliant Zee Naveed to our team.  He begins to impact all aspects of our service offering.

A Second Design Specialist is Added to Our Team. 

Coming well out of the pandemic, and in anticipation of more work at a higher level - and younger eyes on the job, Adriana Popovich is added to the Pilgrim Consulting & Design Team. While by far the youngest member, Adriana has experience with UI/UX web design, a different viewpoint on packaging that complements Pedro's work to provide more options for each project.

A Revolutionary Impact on Workplace Efficiency is Still Ahead

In 2024, we are undertaking another major expansion in our service offering - the potential for any of over 80 integrated applications into your business systems. Websites with interconnected calendars, inventory, accounting, e-commerce, project management, timekeeping, KPI analysis and the list goes on and on. 

The short of it is...We are committed to solving your business puzzles.

Begin your journey to a better business with a low cost, no obligation, confidential discussion about your business plan and goals.

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Meet Our Team

Michael R Martin, Senior Partner & Business Consultant

The founder and old man of the company, Michael has a long history in business development, sales & operations management and web design. While he keeps his hands in each project, he recognizes and employs top talent from all over the world.

Zeeshan Naveed, SEO Strategist & Technician

Zee joined our team in 2023, having come to Pilgrim Consulting & Design with 12 years of previous experience managing SEO projects for a host of companies, as a freelancer. Within weeks he demonstrated a keen eye for the technical details associated with a complicated analytical world and became a full-time member of staff. 

Pedro Zulago, Dedicated Account Designer

Pedro is a husband, father, musician and Adobe designer held in high esteem in his native country of Colombia. He was introduced to Pilgrim Consulting in the Summer of 2020, proved his extraordinary value in developing and branding our flagship accounts and has led these projects ever since. His South American roots, love of color, shading and layering makes him the perfect designer for bold and powerful graphics.

Adriana Popovich, Designer

A young, but highly skilled and experienced graphic and logo designer with over 10 years of professional experience, she is able to create visually stunning designs that effectively communicate our clients' brand message. Adriana's expertise includes using software such as Illustrator and Photoshop and can handle a wide range of projects for clients in various industries. Adriana resides in Macedonia.

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