Who We Are…

We like to think of Pilgrim Consulting & Design as a spy glass, once used so efficiently by captains of ships; but in this case, we are a vision enhancement for business.

We take products, or just their concepts, and help you and your team bring them into place were they fit…where they speak for themselves, and are seen clearly in the minds of a market as an essential component of their facility or tool chest.

We are a small, but experienced team of seasoned professionals that assist not just in the preparation of the product or service for presentation, but also prepare the market for receiving what you have to sell.

While most of us have years of experience in the particular field, this area of expertise is one that has always united and combined product with process, application with implementation, and composing the message that explains this symbiotic relationship can mean all the difference. We can make a difference for you.


Too many companies build a very real mental wall between Sales and Operations.

What is missed is the fact that these two essential components of any organization are really gears in the same perpetual-motion machine-a machine that is able to provide it own sustainable fuel – sales growth.

Understanding the culture between these two activities, and bringing them into harmony, can do more to generate sales than any “marketing initiative“. We work closely with each of your departments, and all members of your staff to show them how to maximize the potential of your company.


Looking to bring a new product or service to market? Have an existing product or service that you know has greater potential?

We design paths to market at every stage of the sale – name, package impression, content messaging, value calculation, reasonable return on investment.

From the design of the box, to the digital marketing, website and social media communications, we can do it all.

And no, we haven’t put a great deal of time into our own site…we already understand that referrals sell better than flash.


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