Formulating and navigating a business plan can sometimes be frustrating and difficult.

But what if you had a coach looking down on the maze?

Winning the race to market can be difficult, frustrating and, at times, tremendously rewarding .

We provide the viewpoint and training that gets you across the finish line.

Every brand needs a logo, in the same way an orchestra needs a conductor.

We help your set a crystal clear tone from the first note.

New Products & Services

Like most of you, I have been through the gauntlet with CRM's that prove to be more tedious than efficient, adding more stress and less productive hours to the day of a sales force. Quite honestly, I have thought, 'This is ridiculous, I could build a more intuitive app than this one that cost thousands upon thousands to populate, train, troubleshoot and monitor!'

Well, for me, the search is over. I have become a partner & app designer using CloudApper, and am now authorize to offer both the template modules and any modifications you and your company might desire. The cost to subscribe is minimal, the modifications may be executed quickly and affordably. There is absolutely NO industry for which we can't provide tools that radically improve communications, expectations, safety compliance information, task duties, quality assurance reports and of course, client database files.

Covering the Americas

Business Planning Consultation

Be it an existing business struggling for direction, or a concept for a brand or product looking for a path to market - we are there for you.

Operation Audits & Analysis

With nearly 60 years of combined experience in business management and operations, we bring fresh ideas for efficient steps.

Logos & Branding Concepts

While a logo can't replace a business plan, it certainly can kick one into high gear. Let our team make your message memorable, even unforgettable.

Digital & Printable Media Design

From simple sales sheets to multi-page brochures, videos, websites, impactful presentations and training videos - we deliver power - arming you with sales growing persuasion.

Michael R Martin

Michael lives near the Coast of Maine on a farm, with his wife Brenda. He brings his background and training as an educator and communicator to the aid and assistance of businesses of all sizes.

Michael has over 35 years of experience in almost every field of business: operations and sales management.

Ricardo Londono Bravo

Ricardo and his wife, Marcela live in Medellin, Colombia. He is a Civil Engineer, holds a MBA in specialized Financial Management, and a degree and certification as a Spanish/English translator. His powerful eye for detail, structure and organization makes him a marvelous asset to both our team and your business.

Pedro Zuluaga Rivera

To refer to Pedro as a "graphic savant" would be an understatement. He may be better described as the "DaVinci of Digital" who can layer and transpose images into art and logos that speak volumes. Clients describe their needs in words and our "Master of Graphic Arts" turns your spoken ideas into visual things of beauty.

Kristie J Pelletier

Kristie lives in Maine with her husband Peter, ever creating a life of adaptation, growth and service. Kristie comes to Pilgrim Consulting & Design with a healthy depth of knowledge in web design, social media mechanics and a clear sense of the new waves in media marketing. She is a published author and master musician.

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Pilgrim Consulting & Design has been supplying us with responsible, knowledgeable and consistent online support for over a year now. They deliver subject-matter expertise, excellent support for our customer service team and highly competent management of our website.

Edward Mutch III

Zoono USA, CEO

We came to Pilgrim Consulting & Design with a concept for providing an online Learning Management System and they delivered both a informative, concise website and a great, engaging LMS to get our information to our trainees and test them on what they had learned.

William Kingsley

Founder & Trainer

We have relied upon Pilgrim Consulting & Design for over 4 years to develop and deliver the digital and print materials necessary to formulate our message, stage our products and capture new sales. They have designed new products, managed our website, designed and created our labels and delivered high quality brochures and sell sheets for our representative distributors.

Peter H. Stevens III

President & General Manager