If you ever considered the options of rebranding your business, analyzing your offering, investigating your competition, renewing your web presence with connectivity or your clientele and their social contacts, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Here are a few of the packages we offer…

Re-View Your Market…

Business Analysis

No business exists in a vacuum. There is always competition, there are always hurdles and there are always various paths to market…

And when you are committed to working ‘in’ your business, it can sometimes be very hard to work ‘on’ your business:

  • researching the competition
  • comparing product or service offerings
  • exploring new markets
  • weighing out the cost of expansion of services or inventory.

In-depth Market Analysis Reports begin at $500.00. Sign up below to learn more and obtain a case-specific estimate.

Re-Inventing Your Brand…

Logo Design

Your logo has the capacity and opportunity to speak volumes about the products or services you sell. It can be clever and memorable, or it can be ordinary and forgettable – It’s entirely up to you.

We offer logo design services that make your branding icon the cornerstone of all that is to follow, giving you a living message with a voice of its own, speaking life into your business ideas and intriguing the viewer with your offerings.

Logo designs begin at $300.00 and are provided in formats that for use by printers, web designers and anywhere you want to promote your brand and business. Put your business on the best footing possible from the start with a new logo.

Sign up below to learn more.

Re-Direct Your Attention…

Social Medial Marketing

The world is changing.

The vast majority of Americans read their news, enjoy their entertainment and communicate with their friends, family and business associates via electronic communications with direct or indirect social media platforms.

The Yellow Pages of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is now a Google search, Christmas and birthday greetings are now videos on Facebook, and the wallet full of photos is now Instagram.

Business associations communicate as much over LinkedIn chats or Skype/Teams/Zoom Meetings as they do in boardrooms, and commercials are played on YouTube or Vimeo far more than on TV. We can bring you into the 21st Century marketing reality for just $300/month, with monthly blog posts, articles and hooks that put and keep your name in front of an audience looking for your services.

Re-Envision Your Presence…

Web [Re] Design

The world of web design is growing at breakneck speed.

The assortment of features that can now be bundled into a website is virtually endless:

You want a CRM for your sales team? It can be on YOUR website!

You want a Project Manager for your team? It can be yours without a monthly subscription!

You want a store that includes hard goods, services and subscriptions that are paid automatically? It can all arranged.

A website is no longer just the digital business card of the 1990’s, but can now be a living, breathing, active part of the everyday life of your company.

Web design services can be quoted on contract pricing or hourly, depending on material provided, and start at about $1500.00.