A site with abundant features, including an online store with over 150 products, specification and safety data sheets for each, embedded application videos, and numerous blog posts.

This site is connected to a LinkedIn page and has an online chat feature that keeps Perma connected to its customers and prospects.

Organically, this site also features sliders, contact forms, shipping cost calculators, payment gateways and user-registration forms to track and govern who has access to specific features.

The value for a site like this one is between $3600 to $4000, and includes 4 months of post composition and social media follow-up.

A simpler site, with the traditional six-page layout:

  • Home
  • About Us
  • Services x 2
  • Blogs & Articles, and
  • Contact Page

This site clearly and concisely communicates the identity of the business, the services offered and the way to contact the company, and it costs approximately $1,800 to produce.

This site is built with a minimalistic front end and a powerful backend - a growing library of LMS [Learning Management System] Modules, Courses and Quizzes that provide trainees the opportunity to:

  • Watch short, quick and engaging courses
  • Take quizzes that measure material retention in a non-threatening environment
  • Record their viewing and participation data
  • Register them for Certificates of Course Completion

Construction of such a site starts at $2,800 and includes a few courses built-in, all SEO structures in place and numerous opportunities for prospects to record their interest in learning more.

This site includes all of the "bells and whistles" with all of these features built-in:

  • An online store, with multiple pricing levels to service end-users, distributors, master distributors and agents
  • A back-end CRM for sales contact management
  • A back-end Project Manager for following progress on assigned tasks and timelines
  • A [future] LMS to certify sales agents and end-users on application techniques and particulars
  • A Media Center with playlists connected with a video storage hosting site [Vimeo].

While this an on-going development for a new and growing start-up, a powerful site like this would begin at around $4,500.